What we do

We help legal departments deliver smarter, effective & more valuable work.

We run a diagnostic of your workload

We provide in-depth analysis on factors affecting time & spend

We help you pick the right solutions by testing potential options to find the ones that work best in your department

Analytics is the most effective way to deliver genuine savings, while freeing up your lawyers to focus on what matters


Everyday firefighting, increased workloads & unprecedented cost pressure are daily challenges for legal departments. With the old solutions no longer working, how do you do more work for less cost while increasing value & improving lawyer morale? Law is complex and variable - knowing what to change is not easy.

Navigate.legal's diagnostic technology helps you sift through the many solutions to pinpoint the ones that will deliver best results in your department

Simple, intuitive, working within minutes

All you need is a web browser

Designed specifically for lawyer mindset & morale

Practical, measurable results

Safe, secure, Fully GDPR compliant

Innovative & cost effective pricing model

Extensive training or need for project management

Software or integration requirements

Basic outcomes like 'Headcount ratios' or 'Law firm rate arbitrage'

PowerPoint reports too general to apply

Expensive IT implementations or complex restructuring outcomes

We began as a small group of consultants & lawyers from Big Four/International Law Firm outfits who believed there must be a smarter way to deliver a legal transformation. We were inspired by what in-house departments could achieve if they had the right tools.

We centred our way of working, our cost structure & our technology around the factors that genuinely decide the success of an implementation – dispensing with convention & focusing on core value.

A few years on, our mission is still the same: to help in-house counsel embrace the full potential of the evolving legal market by providing the means to assess their options and find the ones that suit their department.

Will you join us in this endeavour?

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